Senior Indian Summer 2014 winners


2014 Senior A Winner team DufresneTeam Dufresne – A winners2014-Senior A Finalist team GregoireTeam Gregoire – A Finalists

2014-Senior A qualifier team Redston Team Redston – A qualifier2014-Senior B finalist team Faguy Team Faguy – B finalist2014-Senior B Qualifier team Bertrand Team Bertrand – B qualifier2014-Senior B Winner team Lamy Team Ramy – B winner2014-Senior C finalist team Lamoureux Team Lamoureux – C finalist2014-Senior C qualifier team Primeau Team Primeau – C qualifier2014-Senior C Winner team WharryTeam Wharry – C winner

Indian Summer 2014 winners

The annual Glenmore Indian Summer took place Oct 1-5, 2014.  It featured 24 open teams and 6 women’s teams.

A Winner – Team Roxanne Perron

A Finalist – Team Felix Asselin

B Winner – Team Mike Fournier

B Finalist – Team Labelle

C Winner – Team Francois Lahaise

C Finalist – Team Greg Sleno

Women’s winner – Team Kim Mastine

Women’s finalist – Team Lisa Davies

2014 Equinox Women Winner Team Mastine 2014 Equinox Women Finalist Team Davies 2014 Equinox C Winner Team Lahaise 2014 Equinox C Finalist Team Sleno 2014 Equinox B Winner Team Fournier 2014 Equinox B Finalist Team Labelle 2014 Equinox A Winner Team Perron 2014 Equinox A Finalist Team Asselin

Scotties Photos

A selection of photos from the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Click the image to see the next photo.

Glenmore COLTS Bonspiel – Nov 8-10, 2013

Glenmore is hosting a Colts Circuit Bonspiel from November 8-10th..   “Colts” is for curlers with 5 years of curling experience or less.  We are still in need of a couple teams, so if you are eligible and would like to participate you can sign up a team at the following link: You can also sign up as a spare.
As well we are still looking for volunteers with ice maintenance, snacks, etc.  If you would like to help out, please contact me at
Spectators are encouraged to come and cheer on the Glenmore teams.
Randy Sewell