Thank You, Hardline Curling!

Thank You Hardline! icePad Teams Ready for Masters GSOC

by McEwen Curling on November 9, 2015 in Blog
On behalf of all the teams competing with the icePad brush this week in the National Grand Slam in Oshawa (there are 10 teams – 5 men & 5 women!), we just want to say a big thank you to Hardline for all you have done and continue to do to help outfit us with premium curling equipment.

During the last few weeks you have endured some intense scrutiny all while operating within the rules of our sport. A common term used in description of the controversy has been “directional fabric”, a phrase that was quite misleading. What the elite curling world is concerned about is just how effective fabrics should be – where is the ceiling? How do we establish and test for that?

The WCF’s recent statement this past Friday specifically for the Pacific Asia Curling Championships is a start point to control/regulate the type of materials that are in play. There are a few manufacturers that have sweeping brush fabrics out there that will be restricted during this event. By no means have any of the manufacturers’ curling brush designs been forbidden – only certain types of fabrics on their pads can not be used for identified high level curling events.

The icePad by Hardline already conforms to the WCF’s statement as it has a unique feature where the user can install the current Pro Cover inside out to show “the weave” in the material. Additionally, we have witnessed Hardline’s commitment to its curlers such that they have been working diligently to manufacture new icePad covers with other accepted fabrics.

Our teams and many others are excited to continue to compete with the icePad. In our opinion, no matter what material(s) are cleared for play we are confident in the icePad’s exceptional design. We can’t wait to hit the ice again and get back to good competition, camaraderie… and get back to curling!

– Team McEwen & Team Carruthers