Board of Directors

2021-2022 Season

President Brad Rogers brad.rogers@rchagen.com
First Vice-President Allison Ross allison.ross@bell.net
Second Vice-President Daniel Mainville daniel@dmmanagement.ca
Treasurer Larry South larry@litwin.ca
Secretary Nath Nguyen nnpn@hotmail.com
Past President Randy Sewell randysewell@gmail.com


Letter from President

September 18th, 2020

Dear Members,

I am writing to you today with a few updates as we progress toward the start of the season.

Registration: Thank you to those who have already submitted their teams. Each league is filling up and it’s important to submit your team now to reserve your spot. Please don’t wait for the Open House. The ladder coordinators will be creating schedules soon and you need to be included! The registration form is attached.

Open house reminder: Friday, September 25, 6:00pm (planned to be outside) – please remember your masks.

Waiver: In past communication, I mentioned the Acknowledgement of Risk waiver forms that were created by Curling Canada and Curling Quebec. In order to curl this year, you must return your signed waiver prior to your first game. Those waivers confirm the important understanding between you and the club when it comes to COVID-19, and they are attached for your review and signature. Please review, sign and return the waiver to Yolanda (mail@glenmorecurling.com) anytime between now and Tuesday, October 13.

One-sweeper video: Curling Canada created a poster showing the safe positions of players using the 1-sweeper method. Those posters are in the club, but to show you how this works in real time, please view the following video: https://youtu.be/jCnP5Pn06FU

Clinics: Allison will be giving beginner and intermediate curling clinics: Save the dates! Beginner: Sep. 30, Oct. 1 / Intermediate Oct. 7, 8. If interested, please register with Yolanda (mail@glenmorecurling.com).

Spares Membership: For those who may not want to commit to a full season but who still want to keep sliding, we are excited to offer a Spares Membership! Look for that in the attached fee schedule.

Lastly, this is a year with many new challenges and as usual, Glenmore members are always willing to help out. I’d like to thank the following members for their contributions:

  • Grant for trimming some problematic trees in the parking lot.
  • Nath and Tim for organizing the Google Meets AGM online platform.
  • Yolanda for assisting with the PPE supplies and setting up the lounge for the AGM.
  • Allison, Ann-Lise, Hratch, Brendan and Rob for their work to date on the Health & Safety Committee.
  • Maria for assisting with translation, most notably the detailed Return to Curling guide.
  • Randy for identifying and fixing a plumbing leak in the wall, dehumidifying and setting up the locker rooms and frequent Mr. Fix-it trips to the club on short notice.
  • Allison, Brendan, Rob and Jen for setting up the lounge with distancing so that we can have drinks after our games.
  • Larry and Yolanda for applying for the CEBA government grant to help the club’s finances.
  • Mirko for getting some new carpet for the back of the shed, since sheets A and C will start from the scoreboard.
  • And, all members and staff for your feedback, opinions, patience and diligence regarding COVID-19!

I’m sorry if I missed anyone, and if you think someone deserves a shout out for a contribution, please email me at brad.rogers@rchagen.com to include in my next update.

Stay Safe!
Brad Rogers


A Little History

The Glenmore Curling Club opened its doors in 1961. It was originally named the Roxboro Curling Club, but the name was changed just before the opening.

Through a combination of debentures sold to the founding members and a floating loan from the bank, sufficient funds were raised to purchase a very large parcel of land. In 1962, the pool was dug, and the club opened for its first full season in 1963.

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Open & Mixed Ladders Schedules for Week of February 14

Dear members,

Effective Monday, February 14, we are restarting our leagues. The calendar still needs to be finalized, therefore a full schedule is NOT yet available for the Open Ladder and Mixed Ladder. Please find the schedule for the week of February 14th below:

Please also take note of these details in effect during the gradual deconfinement measures:

  1. The usual passport, mask and hand sanitary measures apply – even if your passport was already scanned, please remember to always have your passport with you in case of an inspection;
  2. Locker rooms are limited to 50% capacity – please change quickly to allow time for your colleagues to use the locker rooms;
  3. The bar remains closed until Feb. 28, and since our lounge is governed by a bar licence, the lounge is also closed until then, therefore please leave the club directly after your game;

Open House for season 2021-2022

Fall is upon us… Time to get ready for curling! Glenmore Curling Club is hopeful that we will have a season this year.

Our Open House is scheduled for Friday, September 24th, from 6pm to 11pm. Please see details in the poster below.

We hope to see many of you!

Gearing up for Season 2020-2021!

We are happy to announce that Glenmore will open its doors for Season 2020-2021. Ice installation is already underway!

Given the current COVID-19 situation, we have put measures in place based on Curling Canada, Curling Québec, Public Health recommendations and members’ feedback to ensure the safety of everyone. Please take a look at the Return to Curling Guidelines below.

Glenmore’s leagues and activities officially start on Tuesday, October 13th. We will have our usual leagues in place:

Day Curling
– Monday and Wednesday House League (10am)
– Tuesday Ladder (A & B)
– Thursday Mixed Doubles League (10am)
Please note, Interclub has been cancelled for this season

Evening Curling
– Open Ladder on Monday and Tuesday
– Mixed Ladder on Wednesday and Thursday
– TGIF League on Friday
– Sunday Night League on Sunday
– Mixed Doubles League on Sunday

Junior & Little Rocks
– Scheduled on Sunday

Registration is already open! If you would like to sign-up as an individual or as a team in any of the leagues, please contact mail@glenmorecurling.com
Registration deadline for Open Ladder, Mixed Ladder and Day Curling: Saturday, October 3rd
Registration deadline for TGIF League, Sunday League and Mixed Doubles: Wednesday, October 7th
Registration deadline for Junior & Little Rocks: Sunday, October 18th

Our Open House is scheduled for Friday, September 25th at 6pm! More details to come.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Return to Curling Guidelines - Glenmore 2020-21