Senior Indian Summer 2014 winners


2014 Senior A Winner team DufresneTeam Dufresne – A winners2014-Senior A Finalist team GregoireTeam Gregoire – A Finalists

2014-Senior A qualifier team Redston Team Redston – A qualifier2014-Senior B finalist team Faguy Team Faguy – B finalist2014-Senior B Qualifier team Bertrand Team Bertrand – B qualifier2014-Senior B Winner team Lamy Team Ramy – B winner2014-Senior C finalist team Lamoureux Team Lamoureux – C finalist2014-Senior C qualifier team Primeau Team Primeau – C qualifier2014-Senior C Winner team WharryTeam Wharry – C winner

Indian Summer 2014 winners

The annual Glenmore Indian Summer took place Oct 1-5, 2014.  It featured 24 open teams and 6 women’s teams.

A Winner – Team Roxanne Perron

A Finalist – Team Felix Asselin

B Winner – Team Mike Fournier

B Finalist – Team Labelle

C Winner – Team Francois Lahaise

C Finalist – Team Greg Sleno

Women’s winner – Team Kim Mastine

Women’s finalist – Team Lisa Davies

2014 Equinox Women Winner Team Mastine 2014 Equinox Women Finalist Team Davies 2014 Equinox C Winner Team Lahaise 2014 Equinox C Finalist Team Sleno 2014 Equinox B Winner Team Fournier 2014 Equinox B Finalist Team Labelle 2014 Equinox A Winner Team Perron 2014 Equinox A Finalist Team Asselin

Scotties Photos

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